blank envelopes, Âme Courrier

Âme Courrier (pronounced ɑm kuʀje) translates to "soul mail" - we believe the written word is an overflow of the soul.

We are passionate about words. We believe when you sit down and write a card to someone, you’re giving a gift that is beyond your words: you’re giving a part of your soul.

Born out of the hustle of New York City, we shared an all-too-real frustration: we could never find cards that perfectly captured what we had in mind for whatever occasion was on our calendar that day.

Enter Âme Courrier. We’re here to bring you beautifully designed cards for less than your morning coffee. Stir up the reservoir that is within your soul!


Meet Mabel, our Founder

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Mabel has always been of the creative variety. She pursued an education in Fashion Design, and shortly after graduating, moved to the heart of New York City to begin her career. Using her training as a designer, she founded Âme Courrier in 2018.