#WritingWednesdayAC: Encouragement Week One

Hi friends!

When I was dreaming up what I wanted #WritingWednesday to look like, I thought back to our core values as a company: to encourage and inspire connection through the written word. What more fitting to talk about than ENCOURAGEMENT?!

I want to take us on a journey of encouragement. A “who/what/when/where/why/how” journey. Encouragement is defined as “the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.” We all thrive off encouragement. At Âme Courrier, we believe your written words are an overflow of your soul. Encouraging someone directly elevates their soul!

This week, week ONE, the “who” is a friend. I have found it to be true that a good friend *basically* becomes family and sticks by us like a sibling. I want each of us to think of a friend this week and find a way to encourage them with writing. Maybe you talk every single day: encourage the season of life that they’re in! Encourage them to take that leap of faith with a new career move or encourage them to keep sticking through a hard season. If it’s been a while since you connected? We all have different life “stuff” that get in the way. Encourage your friend, the person you know them to be, and set up a time to reconnect!

writing wednesday 3.28.jpeg

We’re about connection, and we’re going to continue on this journey for the next FOUR weeks! Use the hashtag #WritingWednesdayAC to share your journey with us on social media! Sign up at the bottom of this page to make sure you're receiving our weekly emails :)

Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!