#WritingWednesdayAC: Encouragement Week Five

Hi Friend!

This is encouragement Week Five, our last week in this encouragement series. (It’s also the last Wednesday of #NationalLetterWritingMonth, so make it count!!) Today, I want to talk about a topic that’s close to my heart, self care.

I was pretty much raised to put others first and myself last. While this is excellent most of the time, your body, mind, soul, and spirit need some time to rest and recharge. If you don’t make time to give yourself a rest, you’re going to end up tired, worn down, and resentful towards the people closest to you. A lot of different things in our world require balance. I am not of the belief that finding balance needs to cause stress, but rather that it can look like a beautiful dance. Self-care is one of these such instances, and I have an exercise for you that I believe can help you gracefully dance through the balance. 

Today, I want you to make a list of positive, affirming attributes you have. You can write them down in a traditional list form, using bullet points or dashes, or write to yourself as if you are writing an encouragement letter to a friend. (Whatever you do - just write it out!) What you tell yourself becomes what you believe, so make sure you are affirming yourself with TRUTH and not lies. Here’s 3 to start you off with that I am absolutely positive are the truth:

- You are beautiful

- You are strong

- You are loved

beautiful, strong, important

My hope is that you would find some encouragement in this. Be kind to yourself and others.


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Happy writing!