#WritingWednesdayAC: thanksgiving week 2

Hi friend!

This is week two of our thanksgiving series and we’re getting right into it. We’re gonna talk about being thankful for what you don’t have.

Yes, I know what I just said. As always, I want to take you on a journey.

I believe in counting my blessings, and I also believe in considering my battles. When I look back on my life, I can recall countless things I wished for and pined after that never came to be. And I’ve learned to be grateful for when circumstances didn’t go my way just as much as when they did because I can look back and see that if things had gone my way every single time, it would have yielded no fruit.

I want you to think of a situation in your life that you’ve overcome; a chapter that is closed and you’ve come out on the other side. I want you to think back on that circumstance: was there a direction that you were initially hoping things would go that didn’t work out? Was there something you were hoping would happen that didn’t go as you had expected? How can we turn “I wish things were different,” into “I’m so grateful for…”

I think one of the greatest lessons to be learned here is contentment, both in the situation and when it’s over & done. Contentment isn’t just about sitting back and being still or being stuck. Contentment isn’t a passive feeling, but a very active one: the constant process of letting go or any bitterness or resentment we might be harboring. This process is a choice, and it helps us develop a greater thankfulness for the bigger picture & trust that we’re going to be OK no matter what we might be facing!

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Happy writing!