#WritingWednesdayAC: the song of your spirit

Hi friend!

Happy #WritingWednesdayAC! We’re gonna hit “pause” on our thanksgiving series, for now. I want to ask you a question: What does the song of your spirit sound like?

Now, go with me for a moment before you tell me you don’t have a background in music studies or that I can find your life soundtrack on your latest playlist. Every day I do a devotion, and yesterday evening, songs came up 3 separate times. These life-songs I was reading were sung from a place of overflowing gratitude and praise, which lines up so perfectly with our heart.

The heart of this company is the belief that the written word, your words, come from the overflow of one’s heart. I believe that each of our lives has a songs that quite similarly comes from deep within us. What are you about? What are your biggest passions? What pours out of you with little effort? That’s your life song. Others can mark it’s melody.

As with all music, our life-songs can always be fine-tuned. I’m not going to ask you to compose a symphony, but I do want to encourage you to pour out your song to someone this week. Whether that is literally writing words or singing real songs, or maybe it looks like a drawing or a painting or a coffee date where you can genuinely connect with another person. I don’t know what flows out of you, but I do know that it’s important and of value to this world. I hope this week you give yourself some time to refine and work on your song.

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Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!