#WritingWednesdayAC: #BLESSED week three- forgiving those who have hurt us

Hi friend!


It’s the last Wednesday of July, but we’re not slowing down with our #Blessed series! 

We’re #Blessed so we can: forgive those who have hurt us.

This one is hard, no matter who you are. Let’s break down what forgiveness is and what it is NOT. Forgiveness does not mean that the way that someone hurt you is OK. Forgiveness is letting go of the feeling of being hurt.

What I’ve learned is that forgiveness is more about you than it is about the person that hurt you. By living in unforgiveness, your heart becomes bitter, calloused, and closed off. Choosing to forgive doesn’t right other’s wrongs, but it does bring a peace to your heart that event hearing an apology can’t.


Here at Ame Courrier, we believe that written words are an overflow of your soul. One of my personal favorite tools to forgiveness is letter writing. I write a letter to the person that hurt me. I write out how the situation made me feel, where I’m at now, ALL of the details in their fullest glory. Then, I throw the letter away. You read that right. I throw it away, or sometimes, burn it. That’s part of my process for “letting go” of the hurt. I’ve poured out my soul on paper, I had the opportunity to feel what I was feeling, and then I release it and begin to let go and make peace.

If you’re up against a big hurt in life right now, you are not alone. If the “throw-away” letter technique is not your cup of tea, there are hundreds of tools you can use instead. Speak with a therapist, in person or even anonymously through text. Speak with the person directly (if that’s a safe option) or confide in a close friend or relative that you can speak openly with.

Let’s commit to take steps to forgive and make peace with others.


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Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!