#WritingWednesdayAC: #BLESSED week four- love others more

Happy August, friend!


In our final week of our #Blessed series…

We’re #Blessed so we can: seek opportunities to love others more.

Who doesn’t cherish a good friend that loves you well? Someone who just seems to be LOOKING for ways to be the best friend in the world? I pray you know the kind of friendship I’m talking about.


That’s our goal this week. We’re going to look for ways to out-love our friends. A friendly challenge, if you will. Whether that looks like taking them out for a meal, bringing them flowers, or writing to our long distance friend.

Let’s commit to being the best friends that we can be by seeking to LOVE MORE!


Use the hashtag #WritingWednesdayAC to show us how you’re participating on social media!

Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!