#WritingWednesdayAC: cornucopi-what?

Hi friend!

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW. I am so ready to feast. 🦃

I have a odd thought on my mind today. What IS a cornucopia? You know, that horn-shaped wicker object that’s at the center of classic depictions of Thanksgiving. I’ve never questioned it since it seemed like something this turkey-feasting holiday has always featured. When I was designing our Plenty Thankful card, I thought about this symbol of Thanksgiving and looked up the definition.

The word cornucopia is derived from 2 Latin roots: “cornu” meaning horn, and “copia” meaning plenty. Cornucopia literally translates to horn of plenty! The origin of the horn of plenty seems to have come from Greek mythology when, as a baby, Zeus broke one of the horns off of his tender and nurturing foster-mom, Almathea. This horn provided him with never-ending nourishment. No wonder it’s used today as a symbol of a Thanksgiving feast, it’s an image of abundance! 

My prayer for you is that no matter where you find yourself tomorrow, that you would be surrounded by people that love and care about you, and that your table would be overflowing with favor (and FLAVOR!)


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Happy writing!