#WritingWednesdayAC: during the delay

Hi friend!

We’re in the third week of our Writing with the 5Ws series, halfway through already! Our third W, “when,” is during the delay.

Have you ever ordered something online (like, cards perhaps?) and you just felt like you were on the edge of your seat waiting for the doorbell to ring? I get that feeling whenever I order my groceries with Amazon Fresh. In case you don’t know, you typically select a 2-hour window for your Fresh delivery to arrive, and sometimes I’ve been “stuck” waiting for my groceries until the end of that window.

I put “stuck” in quotes on purpose. When we’re waiting, it’s easy to feel like we can’t move forward until that one thing arrives. Maybe in your case, you’re not waiting for groceries. Perhaps you’re waiting for a career breakthrough, a relationship breakthrough, or a financial miracle. I’m here to suggest that it’s not what happens when you finally get that thing, but what you do while you wait.

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling stuck while you’re waiting. Make the most count during the delay! Take this time to write out your hopes and draft your dreams. Send a letter to a friend, a colleague, a family member. Use your time waiting to make amends and make new friends.

during the delay

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Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!