#WritingWednesdayAC: in the delivery

Hi friend!

The second-to-last W is here! When we’re Writing with the 5Ws, it’s important to remember “where” matters, too. Our “where” is in the delivery.

While we don’t judge books by their cover, we do appreciate their presentation. A few weeks ago we asked you your favorite thing about letters, and the underlying thread that wove all our responses together was that letters stand out among the mail you're used to receiving! Hand-written letters are more personal and thoughtful than regular old marketing mailers.

Let’s take it a step further, and think about how we can make an even greater heartfelt impression with our delivery! In this series already we’ve talked about the details, I have a feeling we can apply that here as well. Maybe it’s flower petals in the envelope or a homemade wax seal for a special touch. Making a delivery extra wonderful is a sure way to make your loved ones feel extra special.

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Happy writing!