#WritingWednesdayAC: in the details

Hi friend!

It’s the second week of our Writing with the 5Ws series, and we’re rolling right along. The second W in the 5Ws: what. Our “what” is the details. How deeply one cares about a subject can be measured by how much thought one puts into the details.

At Ame Courrier, we take care in choosing the weight of the paper our cards are printed on, selecting only quality printing inks, and even giving preference to a shipping style that would best care for your purchase. Specifically on our summer collection, we paid special attention to the back of the cards, adding an extra touch! We love crafting cards that encourage thoughtful sharing!

How can you start optimizing the details to show loved ones how much you care? Details are not overlooked, it’s typically the smallest acts that make the biggest impact on our day. It could look like putting your shoes in their “spot” when you take them off, or sorting the laundry instead of letting it grow into a heaping pile (guilty!) Maybe it looks like straightening up the bathroom countertop, or leaving them an encouraging note on the fridge. Whatever you choose today, spending time caring for the details will not go unnoticed!


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Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!