#WritingWednesdayAC: the masks we wear

Happy Halloween, boos & ghouls!

Am I the only one, or are there any other adults that wish trick or treating wasn’t just for kids? I mean, sure I could go buy candy at the store, but it’s so much more FUN to dress up and meet new people, especially people in your neighborhood!

Isn’t it funny how there’s this one day every year where it’s totally appropriate to dress up? For me, I’ll be channeling my best Wonder Woman, Troy is picking up Thor’s hammer, and our pup will be donning his new Superman costume! But what about tomorrow, when everything goes back to normal and there are no more costumes? 🎭

Are there some masks that we wear everyday? Like the mask of bravery, when being we’re facing a situation that truly terrifies us. Or the mask of strength and power, when we’re scared to let people see our soft side. Or my favorite mask, the mask that says “I’ve got it all together, I’m fine,” when really there are areas of life that seem to be falling apart.

I hope you’ll take a moment sometime this week to reflect on what masks you might be wearing everyday. Writing things down could lead you to new discoveries.

carved pumpkins on wooden table

Whether your day is filled with trick or treaters or just watching a movie at home, I hope your day is sweeter than all the candy in this world! 🍬

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Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!