#WritingWednesdayAC: magic of the season

Hi friend!

Last week, I was walking by Macy’s in midtown Manhattan (the World’s Biggest!) and noticed that they took down the big "Believe" sign. This sign is glorious. To me, it marks the holiday season, reminding me what the season is about and to find wonder and joy in each moment.

I immediately texted my mom and said, "we have to wait a whole year until the season of magic is back." But recently I’ve been thinking about that statement I carelessly threw out there, and how any season can be filled with wonder and awe and magic if we chose to see it. 

Now that the holidays are truly through, we settle back into our day-to-day routines. We’ve set (and probably already broken) some resolutions. On that list, did you include anything that excites you? Did you set up another to-do list for yourself, or a list of things that sets your soul on fire? 

Today, I’m giving you permission to re-write your resolutions. (not that you need permission, but sometimes it takes a friendly nudge!) Sit down and think about the things that truly excite you. Make your list of resolutions into a bucket list! Here’s what’s on mine:

  • finally go skydiving

  • commit to “greener” choices

  • continue my ritual of traveling to a new place once a month

Take it a step further with action points! Start to plan our HOW you’re going to accomplish the things on your resolution/bucket list to keep the magic of the season going. I’m gonna pencil in skydiving for sometime around my birthday in August, planning to use reusable bags every time I grocery shop (I actually carry one in my bag with me at all times for spur-of-the-moment purchases), and already have travel plans for myself and my fiancé for the month of February! 

So, what’s on your new list that wasn’t there before? What have you added that gives you passion and excitement for life? Share yours by commenting below!

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Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!