#WritingWednesdayAC: writing for mental clarity and awareness

Happy October, friend!

Last week, we talked about 3 reasons why writing is good for your mental health. Well, I’m turning it into a mini-series!

Here are the reasons we looked at when talking about writing for our mental health: 1) writing improves mental clarity and awareness, 2) writing improves communication with others, and 3) writing heightens productivity and focus levels to help us reach our goals.

For each reason I shared, I want to give us some questions that will serve as mini-writing prompts to help get our brains warmed up. Grab a pen and any piece of paper, and get writing!

Reason #1: mental clarity and awareness.

What is one thought you’re thinking right now that is filling your mind?

Is it about a person? A place? Something else?

Is it a good or bad thought? How do you know?

What thoughts are you juggling that you need to let go of? Are there any thoughts/little voices clouding your vision for the future? What are some positive thoughts/affirmations you can focus on?

These are just the tip of a larger iceberg, but I hope they have provided you with some good warm-up options that will help you sort your mind and bring you a sense of peace. When our minds seem to be spiraling out of control, writing can help us reign it back in and sort out our thoughts. Even just focusing on ONE thought can help with any number of thoughts that might be floating around your mind!

blank card with hand on cup of coffee

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Who are you writing to this week?

Happy writing!